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Plastic Rhinestone/ Crystal Nail Art Sorting Tray

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Let's face it, rhinestones can be a pain. Our triangular tips on each end makes it much easier for retrieving and storing of your rhinestones, caviar beads, and other small nail supplies.
Our 6 slot tray makes it much easier to accomplish a full bling or multi bling set. By having 6 slot, you'll have the ability to have 6 different colors/ sizes/ designs of rhinestones, that would otherwise take up much room on your nail table. Not to mention the more clutter, the more likely it is for your stones to hit the floor.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size 7.5cm*7.5cm*1cm
  • Quantity 1Pc
  • Item Type: Rhinestone & Decoration

1Pc Plastic Triangle Rhinestones Beads Crystal Nail Art Sorting Tray