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Kawaii 3d Nail Art Candies

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Mixed Colors Kawaii 3d Nail Art Candies As Picture Shown

3D Nail Art Charms,Jelly Gummy Bear/Lollipop/Cherry/Candy Nail Art Decorations For Nail Art.  Description

100% New AND HIGH Quality

Resin material,durable

Assorted Colors in Each Pack

3D Nail Art Charms

How to Apply

Use A hand file or electronic file to gently file the back of the charm so there is a rough surface.

Wipe the nail off with an alcohol wipe to clean off any oils or products.

Use a small bead of acrylic and place it on the back of the charm and then gently apply pressure to the nail while holding the charm in place.

If you do not desire to use acrylic, use a thick rhinestone gel and place a small bead of it onto the back of the charm and hold in place while curing under a LED / UV lamp for a full 60 seconds.