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Bloody letters, Drip letters, SCary boo boo, Halloween letters, Trick or treat, Witchoween, Eviloween, Scary scars.

Waterslide nail decal letter cutouts

Bloody letters, dripping bloody, bright red letters. Also has capital and lower cased letters.

Drip letters are all black capital letters dripping a black pigment, also has a few blood spats located near the bottom of the decals.

Scary boo boo cutout has pumpkins, pink witches, black spiders, green zombie hand, bats, happy Halloween font with purple and black mix, boo wrote 3 times with candy for the letter o.

Halloween letters are orange, purple, green, and black. Some are filled with the same colors all the way through and others are mixed with 2 to 3 colors at a time.

Trick or trick includes candy pieces that are purple, black, and orange. Orange trick or treat fonts, cool colorful witches, cool spooky font with eyeballs, trick or treat bucket, pumpkin sucker

Witchoween has green girl zombie finger stiletto with nails, pumpkins, witch hats, witch legs with traditional stockings, all black grim reaper, red blood spats, happy Halloween in 2 fonts, and boo in cool font.

Eviloween has a spooky house, green orange, and black witch hat, 3 shadows of ghost, a hump back old witch, pieces of candy, and a skull and cross bones.

Scary scars is just what is sounds like!!! Different size and style of scars to fit your nails for Halloween or any scary occasion. 



How to apply our water nail decals

1.Cut out your desired image 

2. Place in cold water for 5 to 8 seconds or until image starts to move from backing

3. Pat excess water off of decal 

4. Slide or peel decal from white, paper backing and place onto nail.

 5.  Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles

 6. Simply topcoat, Encapsulate with acrylic or gel then topcoat for longer lasting effect.

 or take them along with you to your next nail appointment.