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Whether your nails are short acrylic, gel, polygel, or natural nails, our cutout style nail decals are a perfect fit. Even for long nail or xxl nails, cutouts are a great option if you want your base colors to still show and surround your nail decals.

From butterflies, ice cream, and rose buds, we've got you covered. Lay a single decal or overlap them in a collage fashion. Using our cutout decals there are no limits to what you can create on your nail sets!

Waterslide nail decal cutouts

How to apply our water nail decals

1.Cut out your desired image 

2. Place in cold water for 5 to 8 seconds or until image starts to move from backing

3. Pat excess water off of decal 

4. Slide or peel decal from white, paper backing and place onto nail.

 5.  Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles

 6. Simply topcoat, Encapsulate with acrylic or gel then topcoat for longer lasting effect.

 or take them along with you to your next nail appointment.